Woman and Man

2016 Garrett Clevenger


C G C  Floating down the river at the prime of my life.

C G I met a blue eyed beauty I'd call my wife.

C F C She joined her ship to mine and took my hand.

C G C  Now we float together as woman and man.


C G C  Feeling like I'm dreaming. Could this really be?

C G I hope I never wake up if it's just a dream.

C F C I wouldn't want to live a life without her.

C G C  She is everything I want for my future.



F C   Gaze across the valley where we used to be.

G C Haze has blurred our vision and makes it hard to see.

F C   Instead we focus forward where we're heading to.

G F C Toward the horizon where everything is new.


C G C  No one's been as happy as I am.

C G No one's ever been loved like I am.

C F C No one's felt as strongly and as sure as I do.

C G C  No one's felt so refreshed since that day I met you.


C G C  When I'm old and grey and faded by time,

C G the last memory I'll have in my mind

C F C is when I gazed upon your eyes that summer day

C G C  and became a new man. My love won't fade away.