War On Words

2006 Garrett Clevenger

Dm   A Dm
There's a war on words.
Dm   A Dm The battles in his mouth.
A   E A Does he mean what he says?
Dm A Dm I kinda have my doubts.

G                   Everybody seems to know.
Dm A Dm But no one seems to care
A E A The more that he talks
Dm   G  Dm  A the less he is clear.

Dm   A Dm    He should have been a clown
Dm A Dm in a circus for a crowd.
A E A He could have chased some lions
Dm A Dm and made them cheer so loud.

G                   Instead he was elected
Dm A Dm all while swinging so low.
A E A I think that's 'bout as wierd
Dm   G  Dm  A as any freak show.

F   A
   There's a war on words
F   A    when the moron turds.
F   A   Hear the war on words
F   A    when the moron turds.

Dm A Dm
Truth is stranger than fiction.
Dm A Dm Fact is only fantasy.
A E A When you're in charge of the nation
Dm A Dm you create reality.

G                   But at the end of the day
Dm A Dm everybody needs a bed.
A E A Everybody's got to eat
Dm   G  Dm  A unless you are dead.



Dm A Dm