Wagin' Their War

©2008 Garrett Clevenger


Bm    D  E                   The rich gettin' richer              from the sweat of the poor.

Bm    D  E                   Makin' their money                wagin' their war.

G      A     Bm             They got volunteers                willin' to horror.


Bm    D  E                   Signin' away                            most of their rights.

Bm    D  E                   They gotta obey                     orders from up high.

G      A     Bm             Decidin' who will live and who's gonna die.



G  Bm  Em C G         Bankers backin' politicians     wagin' their war

Em  C  G  Bm            For borders, people                and resources              to control.


Em      C Em               Ever since humans began                    certain men controlled the land,

Em      C Em               the laws, the wealth, the people inside           and all their children.

Em      C Em               Starting when they're a young age.     Fill their mind with a hidden rage

Em      C Em               towards people who are different from them seemin' pretty weird with their evil    religion.

Em      C Em               And when the war's declared no means to manipulate's ever sparred.

Em      C Em               Talk about how the cause is just.       Even God said so.

Em      C Em               The ones who tried to talk some sense were scorned and locked up behind a fence.

Em      C Em               Only "patriots" allowed inside           who were ready to roll.


G  Bm  Em C G        




G  Bm  Em C G        


G  Bm  Em C G         See the men marchin'.             Hear the bombs fly.

G  Bm  Em C G         Feel the Earth poundin'.          Know that people die.

Em  C  G                    At the hands                           of an army

Bm          Em              given control                           wagin' their war.