Trump the Stump

©2016 Garrett Clevenger



C     Trumpy campaigns and enflames with his grabber and his fame

G     on the stump where everyone he blames.


D            Long ago, Trumpy went broke. He only had a billion bucks to spend,       

A     D     oh, wasn't that so sad.

G  A  D     Then be realized, he could be a star on TV.


E            He was the boss, a bad-ass one, he killed the menaces one by one.

B     E     No one could ever, ever touch him.

A  B  E     Then he realized he could be just like a jackassple.




D            The boss hog then had a plan. He'd pull the biggest scam

A     D     even when no one thought he can.

G  A  D     Now we realize Trumpigula was right.


E            One by one he shot them down, all while acting like a clown.

B     E     Made us miss the days of Bush and Cheney,

A  B  E     when we realized just how much worse Trumpigula will be.




 D           It doesn't matter what he says. The Reakers now owns this mess.

A     D     They put their party above country.

G  A  D     Don't they realize Trumpy's a disgrace to everybody.


E            Let's build the wall. Kick out the brown cows and while we're at it lets burn the

B     E     whole place down to the ground.

A  B  E     Unless we’ve realized the USA should not be homogenized.




D            The jokes on us. He removed his mask. Says, "It was hilarious!

A     D     “to see you all obsessed about me.

G  A  D     "Then I realized I'm more than a greedy pig."


E            But of course we laugh too. "Now we'll all vote for you!

B     E     "President Trumpigula, your time is due.

A  B  E     “We're glad we realized you’re really a good guy.”