©2008 Garrett Clevenger


G riff x2    C        G riff x2    D    Em  C  G


G riff x2         Midnight muscles movin' to music.    Locked lips linger longer and lovin'

C        G          Pink and purple,                     personal pleasure.

D    Em  C      Beautiful booty, baby.            Talking about a treasure.


G riff x2         Deep down daddy's desirin' mommy. While our wee ones away we're wild and

C        G          gettin' the good stuff.              Greatly gratifying.

D    Em  C      Luscious lovely lady.              Totally tantalizing.




Am    Em        What else would we want,

Am    Em        what else would we need,

Am    Em  D   while our child's asleep?


G riff x2         Holdin' hands.  Harvestin' happiness.            Full-fledged fun fillin' our feelin's

C        G          Seemin' so simple,                   sensual souls.             

D    Em  C      Radiatin' reaction.                   Real rock and rolls.




First verse


D    Em  C      Beautiful booty, baby.                        Talking about a treasure.