Tranquil Lines

2001 Garrett Clevenger


E F Dividing lines with a broken mind you're

E F bound to find what it's like to be

E F cast into a raging sea of

E Am loneliness.


Lonely tides will rise inside, the

tears you cried while realizing the

words you sing won't be missed.


Missing me while wishing we could

fish the seashore for more surely

sunken seeds of tranquility.


Tranquil stares through hallowed glares who

cares to share some secret thought that's

rarely his reality.


E Am


E And it

G F# all falls

Bm down. It's a

G F# feeling filling everything

Bm around. And it

G F# all falls

E down.

Em down.

F#m down.

F# down.

B down.


Now I know I missed the show, I

rocked the boat, it's up in smoke, there

is no hope 'cept hoping I'm somewhere.


Wearing words, they've all been heard, been

said and bled, like shedding hair, it's

everywhere, and I feel bare.


Bury me in the tranquil sea, so

I might be reminded of the

feeling beating in my heart.


Hearty hugs are healing drugs, un-

plug the pipe and let it pour some

more, down on me.


And it roars as it pours down.

It's a feeling filling everything around.

And it roars as it pours down.

Down. Down. Down. Down.