2001 Garrett Clevenger



Ariff   Give me delite

Ariff   Give me tonite   X2


E  D     You may not see me falling, but lend me your hand.

E  D     Touch me for a moment and you will understand

E  D     the language of our Heartbeats as they pound in strange delite,

E  D     knowing that the words are coming for you

E  A     now.  Give me tonite.




E  D     Hold me in your arms and show me your eyes. 

E  D     Bring out the feelings that lie beneath our smiles.

E  D     Drop all your troubles and trade them for delite. 

E  D     Pick up your passion and let it go. now. 

E  A     Give me tonite.




B#m     E            As we start our fire, we watch the daytime end.

B#m     E            Burning in desire that shadows always send.

B#m  E               Keeping all our hopes up

C#m B#m F#m  we lie down

E       D              and rise up like the flames,S keeping all our

E       A              dreams.  Give me tonite.



E  D     Glowing like the sunshine, you give your warmth to me. 

E  D     Roaring like a river I flow into your sea.

E  D     Dripping in a downpour, wrapped in pure delite. 

E  D     I dive into your waters and swim within. 

E  A     Give me tonite