Time To Shine

©2017 Garrett Clevenger


B        A        B     Look down the line        there’s a long, long time                    to go.

B        A        B     The days in the past      form the path you’re on,                   you know.


B        A        B     Each step you take        can make the journey fast        or slow.

B        A        B     Every time you fall        is another chance                     to grow.



F#m        B                    Look down the line.

F#m        B Bsus4 B      You’ve only got so much time to shine.

F#m        B                    Tomorrow it might be over

E        A        B              But tonight you still got your life.


B        A        B     Stretch out your limbs,            let your roots dig deeper.

B        A        B     Shed the dead leaves.              Give them to        the reaper.


B        A        B     Exchange them for seeds                   you've sown with deeds that are right.

B        A        B     Nourished by the love             you received and ensured was ripe.




B        A        B     Take another bite                    of the fruit growing by   the road.

B        A        B     See through the trees     to the mountains where you’ll change your mode.


B        A        B     When that moment comes,      when you reach the end of life.

B        A        B     Will the path you strode                   be remembered with pride?




B        A        B