©1993 Garrett Clevenger 


Dm  F  Dm There once was a time when there was no time at all.

Dm  F  Dm  There was no thing and the Nothing had no Soul.

G   F  Dm  But there was a Thought and the Thought asked, "Who am I?"

G   F  Dm "I am Myself," was the Nothing's Thoughts reply.

G F Dm  Life was born in an instant.

C G Dm I became Alive.

G F Dm The Nothing through Its existence 

C G Dm    became an I.


Dm  F  Dm I looked out and saw I was all alone.  

Dm  F  Dm "I have no one with whom to share my Home."

G   F  Dm   So I looked In and saw that was a lie.  

G   F  Dm  For Within Myself there was another I.

G F Dm  Love was born in an instant.  

C G Dm  It took no time.  

G F Dm   The I am through Its existence gave 

C G Dm  birth to another I.


Dm  F  Dm  The Nothing said, "My Home is Your Abode.  

Dm  F  Dm  "My no thing here is Yours to form and mold.

G   F  Dm "Just think a Thought and look Inside Your Mind.  

G   F  Dm  You're bound to find You've found another I."

G F Dm    Dreams were made in an instant 

C G Dm  by the I inside.  

G F Dm   Worlds were spun into existence 

C G Dm  for Life to thrive.


Dm  F  Dm  I got lost in all the things I made.  

Dm  F  Dm    They trapped My Eye and controlled My very Brain.

G   F  Dm    The Nothing tried to free Its I from pain.  

G   F  Dm But I refused to see what I could gain.

G F Dm     Freedom was lost in an instant 

C G Dm by the second I.  

G F Dm    I forgot the existence 

C G Dm   of the I inside.


Dm  F  Dm  As time rolled by and Life was born and died.  

Dm  F  Dm   I finally heard the call of the I inside.

G   F  Dm   I shed the weight of all I did not need, 

G   F  Dm rejoicing in the Thought of Being Free.

G F Dm             I was All in an instant 

C G Dm    and I was Free.  

G F Dm    For All does make Its existence 

C G Dm   in Everything.

C G Dm   in Everything.

C G Dm   in Everything.