Third World Blues
©2004 Garrett Clevenger

E   Am Bm     You’ve heard me say, “I’ve had my heart break.
E   Am Bm     “I’ve felt my soul stuck with a stake.”
E   Am Bm     I know you know how much you’ll moan
E   Am Bm     when your baby’s left you alone.
E   Am Bm
    There’s a cure to heal you head.
E   Am Bm     You’ll realize it ain’t so bad.
E   Am Bm     Take a trip down to the Third World.
E   Am Bm     You’ll see their sadness hurt and unfurl.

         We don’t know their Third World blues.
C D          They don’t got our things to loose.
C D          Who would choose their real abuse? Know.
C D D#    We don’t want their Third World blues.

E    Am Bm     Cardboard shacks and rusted roofs
E    Am Bm     Shelter far from weatherproof.
E    Am Bm     Oily water and dirty air.
E    Am Bm     Scattered trash with their dispair.

G F# E F
G F# B
G F# E F
G F# A A# B

E   Am Bm    
6 million children go hungry tonight.
E   Am Bm     Innocent yet payin’ the price.
E   Am Bm     Do they know just how really poor
E   Am Bm     your heart feels since it was tore?


E   Am Bm     I’ve heard their cries. I’ve seen their sad eyes.
E   Am Bm     If they explode it’s no surprise.
E   Am Bm     What would you do if you were them?
E   Am Bm     Would you see me as your friend?
E   Am Bm
    What can we do? What can we say?
E   Am Bm     Will our Love take that away?
E   Am Bm     While we may be left alone tonight,
E   Am Bm     they’ll all awake to the same sad plight