The Young Song

2007 Garrett Clevenger


C Everybody says you will change my world. Like you haven't already?

C Everybody tellin' me I'll wonder where the time went before you, baby,

F   were born before my eyes on the Second of July, desiring a suckling.

C I remember when I was young like him. To the past I have changed.


C A parent holds his child and sees himself inside, not just in DNA.

C Our memories from when we were like our kin and did not always obey

F our parents who held our hand and helped us understand and insured we wouldn't stray.

C They remembered, too, being young like you. To the past they have changed.



F G C Take me back to the past, my boy, we'll both discover why

F G C changes that occur often make us cry

F G C Am in joy and in sorrow, in anger and surprise.

F G F Em C I remember being young again when I look into your eyes.


C A million generations of babies being born. Things are still the same

C despite the luxuries to make life easier. Some simple things remain.

F Like passin' time with Young, Cami, Cleo and Mom. We've got our own gang.

C I remember being young, a bit older than my son. To the past I have changed.