The Monkey Punk ©2006 Garrett Clevenger
{Am G Am     F     G       } {Am G Am G E }

Am riff                 
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Am riff                  were cruisiní together but could not decide
Bb7   Am G Am   
who was the leader. Too much pride.
C    G   Am           To give up control was suicide.
Am riff                 
Am riff                 Jekyll was handsome, nice and thoughtful.
Am riff                 Hyde was so ugly, mean and a fool.
Bb7   Am G Am   
He also was stronger and lived to rule but
C    G   Am           Jekyll would rather die than be his tool.
Am riff                 
Am     F      G    
  The Monkey Punkís in us all.
Am     F      G       Swinginí us towards our downfall.
Am     F  C  E     
Egotistical. Dictatorial.
Am     F      G       The Monkey Punkís in us all.

Am riff                  Itís not fiction if itís the truth.
Am riff                  Everyone knows it. We donít need no sleuth.
Bb7   Am G Am   
Do you listen to Angels and feel some ruth
C    G   Am           or do your Demons give you your excuse?
Am riff                 
Am riff                  Onward and upward. Inside and out.
Am riff                  Forward and backward. Within and without.
Bb7   Am G Am   
A meal may fill you but thereís no doubt:
C    G   Am           Hunger even returns to the devout.
Am riff                 

Am riff                  Every humanís divided this way
Am riff                  by the confusion every day.
Bb7   Am G Am   
The voices of reason often give way
C    G   Am           to discord, discomfort and dismay.
Am riff                 
Am riff                  I hear you talkiní. I feel your rage.
Am riff                  Hyde is just dyeiní to be freed from his cage.
Bb7   Am G Am   
I cannot hide him. I wanna rampage.
C    G   Am           I try to turn from Hyde and be a sage.
Am riff                 

Am    F     The Monkey Punk       {repeat}
Am            in us all.