Their Voting Fraud
©2003 Garrett Clevenger

G   Two men running for Commander in Cheif,
  one is wooden, the other’s a theif
D    planning to win with voting
G   fraud.

  The theif and Kathrine fixed the list.
A    If you couldn’t vote wouldn’t you be pissed?
D   and say, “Hey! That’s voting

G   Over at the voting booth,
A   thousands had their votes refused
D   all due to voting
G   fraud.

  You see, their names were way to close
A    to felons who lost the right to vote.
D  “No way, that sounds like voting
G    fraud!”

  Oh, won’t you stop your voting fraud
A   or democracy is bound to fall.
D   So please stop your voting


  Most were black, though some were white.
A   Who’d get their vote if things were right
D   and they stopped this voting
G   fraud?

G   You’d think the fair thing would be
A   To count each vote properly
D   and not end up with voting
G   fraud.

“Recount the votes!” the people pleaded.
A    The state court said, “We do agree.
  Now stop this voting
G     fraud.”


G    Meanwhile, back in Bush’s den.
A    They plotted out another plan
D     to win with voting
G    fraud.

G     They’ll win the race by any means.
A     The Democrats will blame the Greens
D     though it seems like voting
G    fraud.

G    They asked the Supreme Court to rule.
A    A coup d’atete if I’m no fool.
D    I say, “This looks like voting
G   fraud.”


G    By 5:4 the king was crowned
A    and rotten eggs will always smell
D    just like voting
G     fraud.

G     Perhaps things would be just as bad
A    if the wooden one were Pres instead.
D    But at least we’d have less voting
G    fraud.

G    Who really needs democracy,
A    when we could have more tyranny?
D    Hoorah for voting
G     fraud!


God won’t you stop their voting fraud
A   fraud?
D    God won’t you stop their voting fraud
G   fraud?