The Bozo

©2020 Garrett Clevenger



C    F          Driver, where you going? Let me out of here!

G    C          You’re driving pretty reckless filling me with fear.

C    F          Get off of the highway. Park the car right there.

G    C          We’re not dying behind the wheel. We’ve had our fair share.


Am    F    C               But the bozo keeps on driving straight ahead.

Am    F    G               Cause the bozo don’t care if we’re all dead.


C    F          A captain goes down with his ship. He tried to save his crew.

G    C          They’d do anything for him but now his time is due.

C    F          The men in the lifeboat watch their ship go down.

G    C          They mourn the captain that they love, sad he had to drown.


Am    F    C               But the bozo abandoned ship and left the crew

Am    F    G               and the passengers, everyone of them drowned, too.


C    F          The rocket man is floating out in outer space

G    C          He forced us to fire him off all alone to face

C    F          the vacuum of his spirit, his mind, values and soul. 

G    C          He stepped out of the rocket ship and said, “This fills a hole!”


Am    F    C               So the bozo feels very much at home. 

Am    F    G               And we won’t ever have to hear his whiny tone.