That Guy Donít Like Neil Young
©2007 Garrett Clevenger
Riff 1: Esus2 E Esus2 E Asus6 Amaj7 A Amaj7 Asus6
Riff 2: G††††††† Gsus2†††††† Asus6 Amaj7 A A7†††††††††††††††††††††††
R1††† That guy he donít like Neil †††††††††††† Young Ďcause I stole his woman.
R1††† I am Neilís biggest fan †††††††††††††††††† and so this sad, sad man
R2††† never wants to hear a Neil Young song ever again.
R1††† After The Goldrush, Heart Of Gold, A Long Walk Home,
R1††† Helpless, Wonderin', The Weight Of The World, Get Gone,
R2††† What Happened Yesterday, Truth Be Known, Time Fades Away,
R1††† A Bad Fog Of Loneliness, Big Time, Like A Hurricane,
R1††† Heavy Love, Wrecking Ball, Too Far Gone, My My, Hey Hey,
R2††† The Rent Is Always Due, Dead Man, This Note's For You,
R1††† Slowpoke, So Tired, When Your Lonely Heart Breaks,
R1††† Soldier, Slip Away, Song of Love, Something More Tame,
R2††† Hey Hey, My My, Quit, My Boy, Out Of My Mind,
R1††† Don't Let It Bring You Down, Drive Back, Born To Run,
R1††† Tell Me Why, The Losing End, The Ways Of Love, A War Of Man,
R2††† Let's Roll, Mr. Soul, Fallen Angel, Out of Control,
R1††† Life In The City, Misfits, No More, Mr. Clean,
R1††† Keep On Rockin' In The Free World, I Believe In You, Stupid Girl,
R2††† Fingers, Fuckin' Up, Homegrown, Gateway Of Love,
R1††† Everybody's Alone, Falling From Above, Far From Home,
R1††† Find What You're Looking For, Get Back On It, Broken Arrow,
R2††† Walk On, Let It Shine, Hold Back The Tears, Live To Ride,
R1††† Thank God I'm On The Road Tonight, The Bridge, The Great Divide,
R1††† Twilight, Touch The Night, Till The Morning Comes, Prime of Life,
R2††† Loose Change, Lost In Space, Love Is A Rose, Interstate,
R1†† No One Seems To Know, No Wonder, Nothing Is Perfect,
R1†† Oh, Lonesome Me, Old Ways, On The Beach,
R2†† Sea Of Madness, Sail Away, Run Around Babe, Human Highway,
R1†† On The Way Home, One More Sign, Only Love Can Break Your Heart
R1†† Cowgirl In The Sand, Driveby, Horseshoe Man,
R2†† Goin' Back, Goin' Home, Good To See You, Harvest Moon,
R1†† He Was the King, Without Rings, Words, World On A String,
R1†† Sugar Mountain, Such A Woman, You And Me, Scattered, Scenery,
R2†† Ordinary People, One Of These Days, I've Been Waiting For You,
R1†† See The Sky About To Rain, Razor Love, Pushed It Over The End,
R1†† Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Lookin' For A Love, Hangin' On A Limb,
R2†† Feel Your Love, Sleeps With Angels, Sharpshooter, Shots, Queen Of Them All,
R1†† Cinnamon Girl, Don't Cry No Tears, Depression Blues, Down By The River,†††††††††††
R1†† Throw Your Hatred Down, Thrasher, Tonight's The Night, Bite The Bullet,
R2†† Harvest, Peace And Love, Love And Only Love, Lotta Love,
R1†† A Dream That Can Last, Two Old Friends, Journey Through The Past,
R1†† A Little Thing Called Love, Better Than Silver and Gold,
R2†† Comes A Time, Change Your Mind, Don't Be Denied, Peace Of Mind.
R1†† These are some of Neil Youngís songs and thereís so many more left unsung.
R1†† It would take a whole album †††††††††††††††† to fit every name of all his songs
R2†† and that guy will never hear †††††††††††††††††† these songs we all love so dear.
R1†† That guy he donít like†††††††† Neil Young Ďcause I stole his woman.
G†† Gsus2†† A††† Asus2†††† B†††† Bsus2††† D†††† Dsus2††††† A††††† Asus2
Esus2E Esus2E†† D†† Dsus2†† A†† Asus2