2002 Garrett Clevenger


F G7 Jungle vines touch an elephant rump.

C F Termites terminate an old tree trunk.

F G7 Toucan wings dodging monky dung.

C F Salamander swifter than a sloth who runs.

Dm A Butterflies fly so gracefully.

Bb C Python snakes slither up a tree.


F G7 Skipping along while a tapir runs.

C F Singing a song with fly who hums.

F G7 Leaping across a rock with moss,

C F he grabs ahold of a vine to cross.

Dm A Falling leaves tease, don't make a sound.

Bb C He follows them back to the ground.


F G7 Mushrooms peeking from the leafy floor.

C F Lemurs howling as a tiger roars.

F G7 Fragrant flowers bringing lots of bees.

C F Singing birds roost in all the trees.

Dm A Army ants raid another nest.

Bb C Tarzan pounds upon his chest.


F G7 Jane replies and to her surprise,

C F a babboon screams and starts to rise.

F G7 He climbs the tree where Jane's waiting.

C F He pulls her hair. Now Jane's screaming.

Dm A "Let me go, you stinky thing!"

Bb C "Wahahah!" the babboon sings.


F G7 He drags her back to the babboon tribe.

C F "She with me!" he yells with pride.

F G7 Tarzan's swinging in hot pursuit,

C F sniffing the trail of the hairy brute.

Dm A "Ahh ahhh ahhhh ahhhhhhh."

Bb C Jane smiles, "Now you've made him mad!"


F G7 Tarzan faces his babboon foe,

C F baring teeth, it's quite a show.

F G7 Now they're wrestling on the ground.

C F The jungle creatures explode in sound

Dm A "asdjjrejthrditha"

Bb C "dasoijraitghagoi"


F G7 The dust settles and wouldn't you know,

C F Tarzan dealt the final blow.

F G7 The babboon tribe runs away.

C F "Tarzan, love, you sure were brave!"

Dm A He picks Jane up then grabs a vine.

Bb C They swing away as their smiles shine.


F G7 C F x2