Take It or Leave It

©2017 Garrett Clevenger

E    B          “Take it or leave it,” she told me.

E    B          “It's all the same to me.

E    B          “I don't need you to make me feel

F#               “The way I need to be.

B    E          “So take it or leave it

B    E          “Just don't get in my way

B    E          “Maybe I'll see you tomorrow

F#               “or another distant day.”


E    B          That was after she told him,

E    B          “Take me. Don't leave.”

E    B          He didn't want to hear that.

F#               He needed to breathe.

B    E          He left her in pieces.

B    E          Some she never found.

B    E          Eventually she patched herself.

F#               Now she won't be bound.



E    B          She's off the ground.

E    B          She's off the ground.

E    B          Still she hears the

F#               sound.

B    E          She's off the ground.

B    E          She's off the ground.

B    E          Still she hears the

F#               sound.


E    B          High above she is flying.

E    B          She sees everything.

E    B          No one can touch her

F#               or make her feel the thing,

B    E          the love that destroyed her,

B    E          that made her go insane,

B    E          made her just like all the rest

F#               who lost what they’d gained.


E    B          Now a flock of people

E    B          soar up in the sky,

E    B          getting’ a bigger picture,

F#               tryin’ not to cry

B    E          when they see all the others.

B    E          They were once just like them,

B    E          so open hearted,

F#               just wanting a best friend.




E    B          The love that's everlasting,

E    B          that everyone deserves.

E    B          The kind that makes a person

F#               remember those words:

B    E          Take me don't leave me.

B    E          I want you by my side,

B    E          whether we are on the ground

F#               or soaring in the sky.