Stick Around

©2020 Garrett Clevenger


Gm riff           Bobby sank the eight ball, 

Gm riff           a bank shot off the five 

Gm riff           into the side pocket. That’s 

F                      how he felt alive.


Gm riff           The next player racked ‘em up.

Gm riff           Bobby took a drink. 

Gm riff           He lined up to break the balls but 

F                      stumbled by Betty’s wink.


B    F  Eb        Staring down the other end:                the most stunning lady.

B    F  Eb        He whiffed the break when Betty said, “I like the way you play.

B    F  Eb        Your stick control is magical.           You always get ‘em in.

Ab    C            If you beat me honestly                    then you can be my man.”


Gm riff           She tapped in a solid and 

Gm riff           two more after that. 

Gm riff           Betty purred seductively 

F                      like a pussycat.


Gm riff           Bobby blushed and lost focus. 

Gm riff           The six ball she popped in. 

Gm riff           His arm she stroked with her shaft and 

F                      said, “I’m just startin’.” 


B    F  Eb        Bobby wanted nothing less than                     bring her home that night.

B    F  Eb        He watched her strike the five ball in             and started feeling fright.

B    F  Eb        She slipped and knocked the cue ball off       under a sly smile. 

Ab    C            Torturing her victims              was Betty’s wicked style.


Gm riff           Bobby chalked his cue tip and 

Gm riff           said, “I’m comin’ for you.”

Gm riff           He missed an easy shot 

F                      all due to the view. 


Gm riff           The one and the seven, she 

Gm riff           sunk one by one. 

Gm riff           Her last solid was nailed with force. Betty 

F                      said, “That was fun.”


B    F  Eb        She pointed to the eight ball   hanging on the hole.

B    F  Eb        Bobby felt his stocking filling            up with lumps of coal.

B    F  Eb        They burned away when she scratched and laid her cue stick down.

Ab    C            You may not have won honestly but Bobby stick around. 

Ab    C            Every guy bumps my stick. Cheaters makes me frown.

Ab    C            I can tell you’ve got control. Bobby let’s go pound.”

Ab    C            Stick around.

Ab    C            Tables turn. Stick around.

Ab    C            Stick around.


Ab    C            Stick around. Stick around. 

Ab    C            Tables turn. Stick around. 

Ab    Bb          Stick around. Tables turn.

C                     Stick around.