Stick Around

©2020 Garrett Clevenger


Fm riff            Bobby sank the eight ball, 

Fm riff            a bank shot off the five 

Fm riff            into the side pocket. That’s 

Eb                   how he felt alive.


Fm riff            The next player racked ‘em up.

Fm riff            Bobby took a drink. 

Fm riff            He lined up to break the balls but 

Eb                   stumbled by Betty’s wink.


Ab    Eb  Db   Staring down the other end:                the most stunning lady.

Ab    Eb  Db   He whiffed the break when Betty said, “I like the way you play.

Ab    Eb  Db   Your stick control is magical.           You always get ‘em in.

Gb    Bb          If you beat me honestly                    then you can be my man.”


Fm riff            She tapped in a solid and 

Fm riff            two more after that. 

Fm riff            Betty purred seductively 

Eb                   like a pussycat.


Fm riff            Bobby blushed and lost focus. 

Fm riff            The six ball she popped in. 

Fm riff            His arm she stroked with her shaft and 

Eb                   said, “I’m just startin’.” 


Ab    Eb  Db   Bobby wanted nothing less than                     bring her home that night.

Ab    Eb  Db   He watched her strike the five ball in             and started feeling fright.

Ab    Eb  Db   She slipped and knocked the cue ball off       under a sly smile. 

Gb    Bb          Torturing her victims              was Betty’s wicked style.


Fm riff            Bobby chalked his cue tip and 

Fm riff            said, “I’m comin’ for you.”

Fm riff            He missed an easy shot 

Eb                   all due to the view. 


Fm riff            The one and the seven, she 

Fm riff            sunk one by one. 

Fm riff            Her last solid was nailed with force. Betty 

Eb                   said, “That was fun.”


Ab    Eb  Db   She pointed to the eight ball   hanging on the hole.

Ab    Eb  Db   Bobby felt his stocking filling            up with lumps of coal.

Ab    Eb  Db   They burned away when she scratched and laid her cue stick down.

Gb    Bb          You may not have won honestly but Bobby stick around. 

Gb    Bb          Every guy bumps my stick. Cheaters makes me frown.

Gb    Bb          I can tell you’ve got control. Bobby let’s go pound.”

Gb    Bb          Stick around.

Gb    Bb          Tables turn. Stick around.

Gb    Bb          Stick around.


Gb    Bb          Stick around. Stick around. 

Gb    Bb          Tables turn. Stick around. 

Gb    Ab          Stick around. Tables turn.

Bb                   Stick around.