2001 Garrett Clevenger


D There's a stressed out mom looking for her boy.

There's a sneaky boy hiding from his mom

A There's a sneaky boy looking for his dog.

There's a silly dog hiding from his boy.


There's a silly dog looking for a cat.

There's a stalking cat hiding from a dog.

There's a stalking cat looking for a bird.

There's a singing bird hiding from a cat.


There's a singing bird looking for a worm.

There's a slimy worm hiding from a bird.

There's a slimy worm feeding on a plant.

There's a swaying plant nourishing a worm.


There is Farmer Fred spraying all his crops.

There's the dripping crops who soon feed Farmer Fred.

There's the dripping crops nourishing a worm.

There's a spaztic worm dropping from the crops.


There's a spaztic worm attracting a blue bird.

There's a sickened bird who ate too many worms.

There's a sickened bird attracting a black cat.

There's a stalking cat pouncing on the bird.


There's a staggering cat falling by a dog.

There's a scarfing dog ripping up the cat.

There's a scarfing dog hearing voices from his boy.

There's a searching boy finding his dead dog.


There's a saddened boy running to his mom,

but she is out in town shopping for her boy.

She is buying apples, corn and apricots,

paying with her plastic and beats the evening rush.


She finds her crying boy sobbing on his dog.

They dig a hole and place his bones 2 feet underneath.

She gives her boy an apple polished on her sleeve.

"This will make it better. Nothing beats a treat.