Son of G Song

2007 Garrett Clevenger


D6 Dsus2 A Asus2 Son of G, Son of me, my Son, I sing you a

G D A Asus2 song. A Son of G song. It


D6 Dsus2 A Asus2 starts in D, as in D for Daddy. There's an

G D A Asus2 A and a G, 'cause you're a part of me. You're a


D6 Dsus2 A Asus2 part of me in more ways than one, YBC. I hear the songs you're

G D A Asus2 giving me, playing in my fantasies. When I


D6 Dsus2 A Asus2 think of you and all the things we're gonna do I start hearing

G D A Asus2 chords and writing words and


G D A sing a song for Son of G.

G D A sing a song for Son of G.


D6 Dsus2 A Asus2 When you miss me you can sing a Son of G song and I'll sing

G D A Asus2 along. I'll sing along.


D6 Dsus2 A Asus2 Songs, you see, are as real as the food we eat. Though they can't be

G D A Asus2 seen or held they can be felt. I'm


D6 Dsus2 A Asus2 sure there are many more songs not too far we'll

G D A Asus2 document your life with albums more than 5. The whole


D6 Dsus2 A Asus2 world will sing the songs for Son of G and erase all the

G D A Asus2 suffering, replace it with harmony and


G D A sing a song for Son of G.