Slow Down
©2006 Garrett Clevenger

{D G } {D A } {D G } {A G }{D G } {A G } {C F } {G}

D G D A    Slow down, don't you hurry.
D G A G    Slow down and relax.
D G A G    Slow down. Come and catch your breath.
C F G        There's no need to move so fast.

C               Hold your horses. Tie the boat.
G               Drop the anchor. Come ashore.
Am G        We are gonna slow down time.

C               Don't bring your watch or worries.
G               Where we are there's no hurry.
Am C G    We're gonna have a real slow time.


C               The best part 'bout slowin' down is
G               liftin' your feet off the ground and
Am G        havin' yourself a real slow time.
C               Releasin' stress as you rest
G               livin' life luxuriest when you
Am C G    have yourself a real slow time.


C               I was walkin down the street today where
G               yesterday it was not paved and
Am G        wondered why time's fast sometimes.
C               If we all slowed down I would now be
G               walkin' on a deer trail in a
Am C G    natural eternal time.