Neil Young


Am  F  C  G      Children are lost in the sand clearing roads with little hands

Am  F  C  E     Trying to join their father's castles together again

Am  F  C  G     Will they make it?  Who knows where or when

Am  F  G             Old wounds will mend.


Am  F  C  G      Shots einging all along the borders can be

Am  F  C  E     Comin' down like a venom in the sky

Am  F  C  G      Cutting through the air faster than a bird

Am  F  G             in the night                                                                                                           


Am  F  C  G      Machines are winding their way along, looking strong                

Am  F  C  E     Building roads and bringing back loads                     

Am  F  C  G      of building materials                                      

Am  F  G             in the night


Am  F  C  G      Men are trying to move the borders on the ground          

Am  F  C  E     lines between the different spots that each has found  

Am  F  C  G      but back home another scene was going down             

Am  F  G             in the night                               


Am  F  C  G      Lust comes creepin' through the night to feed on hearts

Am  F  C  E     of suburban wives who learned to pretend

Am  F  C  G      when they met their dreams end

Am  F  G             in the night


Am  F                  Shots, I hear shots.

Am  F                  Shots, I hear shots.