Shatter the Rock

2007 Garrett Clevenger


Am Hard as Iraq, fightin' like a cock.

Dm Em gettin' off on power and shock.


Am Simmerin' in the sun, a powder keg's begun

Dm Em to blow it's top. Chaos has overrun.



Fsus2 G Oh, hard as a rock,

D Fsus2 G Iraq. Hard as Iraq


Am Ancient tribal links, always on the brink.

Dm Em Me thinks the future's pretty bleak.


Am Sectarian violent sufferin'.

Dm Em Settlin' scores deeper than skin.




Am Fueled by corporate greed. The perfect enemy

Dm Em because gas is so cheap.


Am But, whoa, when the price is raised to equal all the ways

Dm Em people are killed and tortured as slaves.




Am History stays the same, though the battles have changed.

Dm Em The have-nots always want things rearranged.


Am To shatter the rock and save Iraq

Dm Em don't be rigid, learn to talk.



Fsus2 G Oh, shatter the rock,

D Fsus2 G Save Iraq. Shatter the rock.