See Him Show Them
©2004 Garrett Clevenger

Em riff
       See him show them what it means to be alone,
Am riff        what it means to be unwanted, like a dog without a home.
Em riff        No one knows his name except his mom,
Am      C  D   but she's been gone for a long time, she died on the run.
Bm      D  C   She left him as a newborn,
Am      C  D   just before the dawn,
Bm      D  G    in a box by a jockey,
C         G  D    on a suburban lawn
Bm      G  C
  just then the sprinklers came on
B                and soaked him to the bone.

Em riff        Then a neighborhood tomcat scratched him on the chin.
Am riff        He can still remember when the change began.
Em riff        It started when the scar became infected
Am      C  D   with a tiny virus, the kind that makes a kid
Bm      D  C   become someone you can't see,
Am      C  D   or choose not to
Bm      D  G    because he is "special"
C         G  D    and kind of cuckoo
Bm      G  C   but it is not his fault,
B                that his fate's his downfall.

Em riff        All you, all you see,
Am riff        all you see, all you see is he's alone.
Em riff        There's no one beside
Am      C  D   him, there is no one at his
Bm      D  C   home except a guitar
Am      C  D   and a pen and pad.
Bm      D  G    That's how he tells the world
C         G  D    just how sad,
Bm      G  C   he is always feeling.
B                He is always feeling.

Em riff        Yesterday he walked on by me
Am riff        on the morning subway, I heard him whistling.
Em riff        He was whistling this melody
Am      C  D   It stuck in my head when I looked to see his
Bm      D  C   eyes, I saw his sorrow,
Am      C  D   I felt his suffering.
Bm      D  G    I reached out to touch him,
C         G  D    but there was something strange.
Bm      G  C   I felt someone touch me
B                and when I turned to see

Em riff        I saw my own self, I could feel the tears
Am riff        that were falling as we figured it was just a mirror.
Em riff        A mere reflection which turned to fear
Am      C  D   when we realized no one else was here
Bm      D  C   'cause every other body
Am      C  D   looked just the same
Bm      D  G    and every one was silent
C         G  D    because we felt the pain
Bm      G  C   and heard his song keep playing
B                again and again and

Em riff        again I see him show them what it
Am riff        means to be alone.
Em riff        I see him show them what it means to be
Am riff        alone and I still hear his song.