©2011 Garrett Clevenger



D   C D   C Scumbag!  Slimy scumbag

G    A         You think you're swell but you really smell.

C  G  D       You showed me you're really a slimy scumbag.


F    D          Playin' your game, bein' lame.

F    D          Strikin' out once again.

F    G          You think it don't matter what you do

A    D         You're no better than stinky poo.




F    D          Smugy mo fo        ready to go

F    D          take all the women down low.

F    G          They know your name.  Interest they feign.

A    D         Deep down they know you're a pain.




F    D          You deserve what you get

F    D          'cause you are not innocent.

F    G          You wrecked your bed, go lay your head.

A    D         Go lie alone instead.




F    D          You're two-faced, a big disgrace.

F    D          You are easily replaced.

F    G          You showed yourself      now go to hell

A    D         for usin' power casting your theiving spell.




Chorus chords and melody ending