2016 Garrett Clevenger


F#m  A      Come with me my lady.

F#m  A    my lovely new mommy

F#m  A    whos love for son is as pure

D  E          as the one that lights our day.

F#m  D      I feel admiration

A          and respect for how you be.

D               Im blessed to get the warmth you give

               to our son and to me.


F#m  A    Under such emotion
F#m  A    we will reach the peak,
F#m  A    rising from the valley
D  E          cloaked by ancient trees.
F#m  D     We'll wonder in our feelings
A   E       more than skin deep.
D               We'll feel it deep in our bones.
E               When reverence we keep.


A  E  D  E   Beautiful this place.
A  E  D  E   From here or outer space.
A  E  D  E   Beautiful this feeling in my heart.

A  D  A  E        

{A E D E           Reverence.}    X3


F#m  A    There's a mystic impression
F#m  A    words can't describe.
F#m  A    Even music won't relate
D  E          exactly how our minds
F#m  D     are now enchanted
A   E       with the Goddess bliss.
D               Surrounding sweet sensations
E               saturate the mist.

F#m  A    Every single atom
F#m  A    is electrified.
F#m  A    We feel deep connection
D  E          with every other kind.
F#m  D     It's more than love.
A   E       More than divinity.
D               We understand creation
E               is what we need to be.


F#m  A    So we protect Earth.
F#m  A    We won't let it die.
F#m  A    We'll help insure that our kids
D  E          will insure their kids will try
F#m  D     to protect the planet
A   E       so that their grandkids
D               will get this ancient gift
E               of reverence.