2007 Garrett Clevenger


D C G D Small cracks keep on creepin'

D C G D through the concrete on the ground.

C G C G A little sprout is poppin' out.

C A D G It don't need to make a sound.


D C G D The tar is thick in places,

D C G D but it will slowly wear away,

C G C G back to the place it was taken from.

C A D G Nature's Laws it must obey.



Bb F Eb G Fightin' for survival.

Bb F Eb C A Livin' and diein' just the same.

Bb F Eb G When it's all been said and done,

Bb F Eb C A the sprouts will once again reclaim.


D C G D A casket holds a human body

D C G D left when the soul flew away,

C G C G filled with formaldehyde,

C A D G eventually it all will decay.


D C G D The tombstone, too, will crumble.

D C G D The dust will be blown in the air.

C G C G When it finally settles down,

C A D G somethin' else will start to grow there.




D C G D The houses and the airplanes,

D C G D bridges and miles of highway,

C G C G the power plants and superfund sites,

C A D G and all the stuff that's been throw away


D C G D keeps me dry and well fed.

D C G D Let's me travel anywhere.

C G C G Since life is such a struggle

C A D G we'd all be better off if we'd share.



Bb F Eb C A Bb the sprouts will once again reclaim.