Neil Young



F#m7 E

B7 D A E

B7 D A E


E Aurora Borealis, the icy sky at night

F#m7 E Paddles cut the water in a long and hurried flight

B7 D From the white man

A E to the fields of green

B7 D In our homeland

A E we'll never see.


E They killed us in our teepee. They cut our women down.

F#m7 E They might have left some babies cryin' on the ground.

B7 D But the fire sticks when the

A E wagons come

B7 D as the night falls on the

A E setting sun.


E They massacred the buffalo, kitty corner from the bank.

F#m7 E Taxis run across my feet, and my eyes have turned to blanks

B7 D in my little box at the

A E top of the stairs

B7 D With my indian rug and a

A E pipe to share


E I wish I was a trapper, Id give a thousand pelts

F#m7 E just to sleep with Pocahontas and find out how she felt

B7 D in the mornin' on the

A E fields of green

B7 D in our homeland we'll

A E never see


E Maybe Don the Con will be there by the fire

F#m7 E We'll sit and talk about Hollywood and the good things there for hire

B7 D Like Trump Tower and the

A E first TV

B7 D Don the Con,

A E Pocahontas and me.

B7 D Trump the Chump,

A E Pocahontas and me.

B7 D The exterminator,

A E Pocahontas and me.

B7 D Pocahontas