2016 Garrett Clevenger


Am He killed John F. Kennedy.

Am He killed Martin Luther King.

Am He killed our democracy

Am in pursuit of his dream.

C He killed education.

D He killed science and truth.

Am He killed balance of power.

Em I hope he don't kill me and you.

Am He wants your labor.

Am He wants your dough.

Am He wants a favor:

Am forget all you know.

C He wants your power.

D He wants the whole pie.

Am He wants everything

Em and don't care if we die.



F Em It's a pig-eats-all world.

G Am G Am Get prepared 'cause it's pig-eats-all.

Am G Am

F Em It's not fair or even just,

G Am G Am but we're here and it's pig-eats-all.

Am G Am pig-eats-all.

Am G Am pig-eats-all.

Am G F pig-eats-all.


Am We got a big brain.

Am We got 2 eyes.

Am We gotta use them,

Am at least we oughtta try.

C We got our lives.

D We got hopes and dreams.

Am We got a right

Em to expect respect. You see,

Am we want that bad pig muzzled.

Am We want him leashed.

Am We want him scolded

Am for bein' such a beast.

C We want empathy.

D We want decency.

Am We want compassion

Em for every living being.