PC Blues
©2004 Garrett Clevenger

        Peter’s PC turned on and connected to the web.
Am     G         Another lonely night while Peter slept in bed.
Am C G D     The PC wanted contact, cyber love so right.
C     D    G     He uploaded another and made love through the night.

G                    As Peter’s PC prowled the web, filling his cache.
Am     G         He googled at a server who took his breath away.
Am C G D     His milliseconds spent there seemed an eternity
C     D    G     and that’s all it took to freeze his memory.

C G D           “Oh, PC, download your love to me.
C G Am G     “I’ve got the PC blues, you see.
C G Am G    “Oh, PC, your harddrive’s what I need
C G D G       “please come and be my sweet PC.”

G                    Peter went to work the next day at nine.
Am     G        He noticed that the PC took his own sweet time.
Am C G D     Somehow he was slower, like he was tired out.
C     D    G     He crashed his applications, making Peter shout.

G                   “You stupid computer, you worked well yesterday.
Am     G        “You must have got a virus, or some hackers had his way.”
Am C G D     He called tech support. They’d seen this many times.
C     D    G     They took Peter’s PC and thought they heard him cry,


Em       D            You gotta be careful who you love.
Em       D            You gotta be careful who you let have you love.
C Am  G            They may excite your circuits and your ram
Em       D            but they can take away your prime command
C Am C D G     and leave you like a PC whose memory and processor is jammed.

G                    The tech support tried and tried but could not override.
Am     G         Some how the system software way down inside
Am C G D     kept sending out a signal, a digital syntax.
C     D    G     They could not conceive that this PC sent a fax.

G                    The only solution was reformat the harddrive.
Am     G         Erase all the data and reload to revive.
Am C G D     But before they could complete this death sentence she appeared.
C     D    G     And pleaded for her lover. Yes, his life was spared.

G                    That was 6 months ago, look at them today.
Am     G         They’ve tripled their performance since the PC’s had their way.
Am C G D     They spend their working hours spinning data round.
C     D    G     And when their done they love all night. They still are spell bound.


You stupid guitar. You broke another string!
Now I’ll write you a song. And you will hear me sing,
“You stupid guitar. You broke another string!
Now I’m blue. How could you do such a thing?”