Over the Top
©2003 Garrett Clevenger

Em D Em 
  It doesn’t take much to push people over the top. I said it
A G Em      doesn’t take much to push people over the top.
A B Em       People you know exactly what I mean.
Em D
C D             
I’ve seen you in your cars.
G D C          I’ve heard you in your homes.
C D Em       I’ve felt your feelings many times before.

Em D Em    That’s why I can sing this song.
A G Em      That’s why you can sing along.
A B Em       Anger, hatred and jealousy.
Em D
C D             
They have got to go.
G D C         There ain’t no room no more.
C D Em      There’s no room for them here anymore.

                Flyin’ over the top when the
Bm G              fury won’t stop and the
Am Bm Em   feeling takes control of you.
C D                  Flyin’ over the top.
Bm Em           Only you can stop.
C                      Only you can start
D                     the loving in your heart to heal
Em                  you.

Em D Em    There’s too many situations. I said there’s
A G Em        way too many situations
A B Em        that require a calmer head.
Em D
C D              
There’s too many people who
G D C          need a loving hand.
C D Em       Too many need your loving hand.

Em D Em    The next time you have your buttons pushed.
A G Em       The next time someone pushes you.
A B Em       The next time someone crosses your line
Em D
C D              
instead of lashing out and
G D C          flying over the top
C D Em       calm down and think how you sound.