Ode to Salmon
©2001 Garrett Clevenger

I'm a baby salmon, swimmin' to the sea, clearcuts all around and they've silted up my stream.
Most of all my siblings were killed when all this dirt covered up the eggs, I bet that musta hurt.
Now I'm in the river, but it's moving awfully slow.
A dam has blocked it's movement, I'm told there's 8 to go.
How will I reach the sea with all that's in the way?
Those turbines look mighty mean, they'll make me fish puree.
A barge, they say, will save this smolt, they'll take me to the sea.
I'm stuffed inside some steel walls, I wish this fish were free.
Now I'm grown up salmon, swimmin’ from the sea.
I missed all those trawlers who were hopin' to catch me.
Cruisin' up the river, I reach the first big dam
and then another and another, thanks to Uncle Sam.
Millions upon millions once swam with all our might
to reach our destination and spawn into the night.
But ever since they built the beasts, there's been a great decline
in salmon populations, this ain't no great design.
Now there's talk to take out 4 dams along the Snake.
These 4 are a waste of $ compared to what's at stake.
Don’t let me be a dieing breed, save the salmon now!
Once we're gone, we won't come back, so help us out, here's how: Learn about the issue. Check www.idahorivers.org for info on why dam removal is feasible. Write your representatives and urge them to support dam removal. Attend the public hearings when the proposal is made official.