No Person's Perfect

©2005 Garrett Clevenger

{A Bm E} {A Bm D} x2 {E A } {Bm D A } {E A F#m } {Bm E }

A    Bm  E
     No person's perfect.
A    Bm  D     No one's not done wrong.
A    Bm  E      Nobody's guilty
A    Bm  D     of always being strong.
E    A             Even a genius can forget
Bm  D  A       eventually fools can reflect.
E   A  F#m     Only the living can breath air.
Bm    E          Only dead don't care
E D F#m Bm
A    Bm  E      where they're buried,
A    Bm  D     unlike us.
A    Bm  E      When we're smotherd
A    Bm  D     it pays to make a fuss.
E    A             Even the heartless can hear
Bm  D  A       eventually silence of their fear.
E   A  F#m     Only daytime turns to night.
Bm    E          Only darkness swallows light.

F#m   D
        Take away my problems
A   F#m         and you take away my song.
C#m   A         That might be the answer I seek
D   E              but that conclusion's not forgone.
E D C#m Bm
A    Bm  E      The professor's in the classroom.
A    Bm  D     The pupils are in their chair.
A    Bm  E      Their textbooks are open.
A    Bm  D     One hand's raised in the air.
E    A             Even teachers have learned
Bm  D  A       eventually class must adjourn.
E   A  F#m     Only diehards stick around afterwards.
Bm    E          Only scholars worship words.
E D F#m Bm
A    Bm  E      Now I'm in the temple
A    Bm  D     singing my hymn.
A    Bm  E      The stained glass filters sunshine.
A    Bm  D     That's why it looks so dim.
E    A             Even Jesus was crucified.
Bm  D  A       even though he was allied.
E   A  F#m     Only we mortals can feel the pain.
Bm    E          Only God is insane.


A    Bm  E
     No person's perfect.

A    Bm  D     No person's perfect.