nazi scumbag
©2001 Garrett Clevenger


B7 (Don't you show your face no more x3
A G you nazi scumbag) x2
A G You've lost your brain.
A G It's time to change
A G your vicious view,
A G it's quite insane!
You're a fool to try to rule with tyranny, that's crazy cruel


your fascistness it makes me sick
I think that you should choke on it
and cough it out so we could know
how rottenful hatred can grow


your wicked wit will never fit
your emptiness it's full of shit
your mind's adrift you need to lift
your spirit up a conscious shift

{Don't you show your face no more
Bm D A G you nazi scumbag} x4

A Back in Germany in '41
A There lived a prick who liked his fun
A Adolf Hitler was his name
A Killing people was his game
G A Hey, Hitler
E A Why were you so dumb?
D A Hey, Hitler
E A I think you're rotting scum.

He swept the nazis off their feet.
Never thought that they'd be beat.
They rounded up all the Jews and
gave the world it's biggest blues
Hey, people, why were you so mean?
Hey, people, I think you're quite obscene.


I may be black, you may be white,
they may be blue, but we've no right
to force ourselves in someone's face
‘cause we're all from the Human Race.
We all deserve trust and respect.
Your bigotry won't pass unchecked.
We all must live, we all must Love,
we all must learn the beauty of
Diversity, Community:
Reflections of our Harmony.