My Very Own Apple Pie

2007 Garrett Clevenger



G C G "It's delicious. It's delicious. It's sweet and warm and mine.

G D G It's delicious. It's delicious. My very own apple pie."


C D My baby makes the best apple pie. I really am the luckiest guy.

G C She picks the plumpest fruit she finds and kneads the dough and cloves she grinds,

D then bakes it all, oh, so right.



C D She put one on the window sill to cool it, but someone did steal.

G C I followed the footsteps and thought I'd kill. It's hard to believe to this day still.

D My baby grinnin' from her fill say's,




C D I bought some ripe fruit to make a pie. So I would be the happiest guy.

G C I slaved all day, until I was tired, so I shut my eyes

D and was woken by my baby's cry,




C D My baby made her way toward me and said, "I saved you a piece.

G C and also put on some ice cream." and fed me like it was a dream

D but wouldn't wake when I screamed,