My Darling Ones

2016 Garrett Clevenger


C G  My Darling is the love of my life and I love her forever.

G C  She's more than I deserve. No one is better.


C G  When I see her hold our baby it makes me melt.

G C  It makes me glad for the cards I've been dealt.


F G C  So deal me what you got.

G F C  Keep it spicy hot.

F G C  We will win when it hits the spot

Am G C and stays as our baby grows old.


C G  Ethan has in him you and me.

G C  He is our beautiful baby.


C G  You are the love of my life, my beautiful wife.

G C  I am forever your only man.


F G C  So take me as I am

G F C  and help me stay on plan.

F G C  Keeping Ethan healthy and whole.

Am G C That's the goal as our baby grows old.