More Blood’s Spilled

©2007 Garrett Clevenger


Bm A G C Em                        It’s been said so many times before:

Bm A G C Em                        Nothin’ comes as close to Hell as war.

Bm A G                                  From destruction that it brings

Em Bm A                                to human suffering.

Em Bm A G C Bm Em          The Devil’s got competition from humans he must adore.


Bm A G C Em                        The hawks arise to say, “We’re keepin’ the peace.

Bm A G C Em                        “It’s us or them and they want us deceased.”

Bm A G                                  When they’re dead, they’re gone.

Em Bm A                                Though it won’t be long

Em Bm A G C Bm Em          Their ghosts will haunt us and we sow what we’ll reap.



A  G    Bm                  Peace isn’t won                                   by the barrel of a gun.

A  G    Bm                  It’s temptin’ to think              that force will make it come.

A  G    D                     But for every person killed     more resentment’s just instilled.

A    Bm    G  Em         The fightin’ never stops,                    just more blood’s spilled.


Bm A G C Em                        If an enemy invades our land,

Bm A G C Em                        killin’ our children for their empire to expand.

Bm A G                                  Blowin’ up our homes,

Em Bm A                                as your mother moans.

Em Bm A G C Bm Em          They’d leave us no choice but to make a stand.


Bm A G C Em                        Actions speak louder than words.

Bm A G C Em                        To think that bombs bring peace is absurd.

Bm A G                                  They only clear the way

Em Bm A                                for the enemy to stay

Em Bm A G C Bm Em          and take what isn’t theirs and insure dissent’s not heard.