Molten Gold

2001 Garrett Clevenger



Please be my Queen, Sweet Colleen, and let us show us.

What it really means to be in Love with another.

Let me be your King, and we will rule with a Golden.

Golden Crown and a Chalice, Golden Throne in our Palace.



We will free our Golden Minds, we will see the Love that binds.

We will be an inspiration, We've got the Key to this sensation.

Take my hand and I'll hold you.

You know we can melt Gold into...




We deserve one another, for we are both like no other.

But we are both like each other, dancing to a different drummer.

I feel you in my Heart, and this I've felt from the start.

So let us soar together, 2 free birds of 1 feather.




Down below in the meadow flowers spread their waiting petals.

Breathe in the sweet scent, it is Love they are sharing.

Let's bloom together and cast our seeds into the breeze.

And pour our Gold into each other, we know our wealth lies Inside.