Miss Knotty and Nice
©2004 Garrett Clevenger
{E G A7 x2
A G E7 x2
E G C7 C#7
D7 D#7 E7}

E     G A7     x2
         Miss knotty and nice never heeds my advice
A     G E7     x2          to insure that her fur stays clean ‘cuz her vice
E     G A7     x2          makes her lazy all day and even at night.
A     G E7     x2          She’ll never be bothered with that cat preening rite.
E     G C7    C#7        But when she feels she’s slept enough
D7        D#7                and it’s time to get back up she
E7                               arches her back to stretch it out. Her time has come to prowl.
D7   G A E
                Wild-eyed and wired, she runs around the room.
Bm  G G# A               Every thing’s a toy for her, at least she so assumes.
D7   G A C7   C#7     The carpet calls her claws for a round of cat Kung-Fu.
D7                               She attacks it with a vengeance
D7 D#7 E7 D#7 x4     and kicks and shreds and rips and tears and kills it through and through.

E     G A7     x2
         When the damage is done she heads back to her bed.
A     G E7     x2          There’s sleeping to do and dreams in her head
E     G A7     x2          of petting and warmth, of food to be fed,
A     G E7     x2          of chasing the ghosts and the fur balls she’s shed.
E     G C7    C#7        But as her purring’s almost through,
D7        D#7                there’s just one thing for her to do.
E7                               Her eyes open to find her dreams, waiting, so it seems.
E7 G
D7   G A E
                She races to the places that she can vandalize.
Bm  G G# A               She doesn’t mean to be mean, you see that in her eyes.
D7   G A C7   C#7     Her curiosity just electrifies.
D7                               She can’t control or compromise
D7 D#7 E7 D#7 x4     the need to roll and knock things down. In general, terrorize.

{intro chords}

E     G A7     x2          Cleopatra’s my cat. She be where it is at.
A     G E7     x2          A gray, fuzzy fur ball. An amateur acrobat.
E     G A7     x2          Though she’s a trouble maker. A knotty, tangled up mat.
A     G E7     x2          She is actually quite nice for an aristocrat.
E     G C7    C#7        An affectionate feline
D7        D#7                who cuddles up and makes you feel fine
E7                               and forget about the things she has broke when her wild is woke

{fast part chords}