Law of Consequence

2008 Garrett Clevenger


Am  G  E         Eliot Spitzer's                          Client Number Nine.

Am  G  F         New York's Governor     had a good time

C  G  E  F        with high-priced prostitutes      who laid him on the line.

Am  G  E F C  Spitzer lost his job.                  Now he ain't feelin' fine.


Am  G  E         Kind of like Clinton                  who loved his intern.

Am  G  F         Givin her cigars and               other things that burn.

C  G  E  F        When the party ended              we got in return

Am  G  E F C  Impeachment Proceedings        'cause politicians never learn.



Dm  G  C  Am The    Law of      Consequence

Dm  G  C  E    When good sense is on the defense.

F  G  E  Am     Temptation often brings sincere deep regret.

Dm  G  F E C  Reputation's ruined         'cause the public won't forget


Am  G  E         Anthony Wiener and his bulging crouch shot.

Am  G  F         He tweeted the photo to a lady he thought was hot.

C  G  E  F        "Me and the pussys" was an email subject line.

Am  G  E F C   Now he's sorry he sent them and also for lyin'.


Am  G  E         Where is Mark Sanford? On a hot date.

Am  G  F         He split to Argentina                for his soul mate.

C  G  E  F        His staffers and wife                thought he was out camping.

Am  G  E F C  Did you his press conference? He was sorry-ass weeping.


Am  G  E         We'll never forget           George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Am  G  F         Leading us to war,                   disgrace and bankruptcy.

C  G  E  F        It's one thing to get laid. You can get back up again.

Am  G  E F C  But to kill, torture and steal       seems the worse sin.