Johnny Loves a Hottie

©2008 Garrett Clevenger


A    G  A           She's Sarah Palin.       She's a hottie

E D E G A        Like someone who works inside a library.

A    G  A           I am a man                 at a ripe old age.

E D E G A        I'm John McCain       and approve this message.


G    A                I met her once at a conference.  She was fine.

D G D E A        She was so fine,         she got stuck inside my mind.

G    A                Since I got to pick     someone to watch my back,

D G D E A        I pick Palin    'cause I'm a maverick


D Dmaj7 D Dmaj7    Johnny                        loves a hottie.

Gmaj7  G6  G+  G6  You can see the magic in his eyes.

D Dmaj7 D Dmaj7    He may not have picked the best person for the job

A7sus2 A7 G A7        but Johnny loves a hottie. No surprise.


A    G  A           Let's talk strait.         I still love my mate,

E D E G A        but it's no surprise a woman's my running mate.

A    G  A           Sarah Palin     comes highly qualified

E D E G A        to appease the base, at least.  They'll save my hide.


G    A                I know you'll feel the same about Palin.

D G D E A        She's someone you'd want to be your special friend.

G    A                Someone you'd want             to babysit your kids.

D G D E A        Then drive her home             hopin' for a goodnight kiss.




A    G  A           I'm not too concerned            with what's below the skin.

E D E G A        since I found my soulmate in Sarah Palin.

A    G  A           We both         wanna keep     the status quo

E D E G A        where the rich get richer killing Earth makin' dough.


G    A                At 3 am,        we'll be hard at work

D G D E A        on top secret stuff, don't ask, you jerk.

G    A                While I'm the Prez     whatever I say goes.

D G D E A        and Palin likes stayin' up late, I suppose.