Jim Jones                                                                        

2009 Garrett Clevenger



Em  G  B7  Em     Jim Jones, Jim Jones didn't die alone

G  A  B7             he took his people home.

Em  G  A  C         Jim Jones, Jim Jones the seeds that were sown were

G  A  Em             as sterile as their bones.


D    Em      He preached from the pulpit

Am  Em      socialistic thought.

D    Em      Help the poor and hungry.

Am  B7       Don't do what you ought not.




D    Em      His congregation

Am  Em      encouraged blacks and whites

D    Em      to live together.

Am  B7       Somehow they lost sight.




D    Em      They would have known he was crazy,

Am  Em      but they were crazy, too,

D    Em      drinking down the kool-aid

Am  B7       like it was good for you.




D    Em      Paranoia crept in.

Am  Em      The cyanide was drunk

D    Em      willingly by the faithful.

Am  B7       Moms killed kids with with this junk.




G  A  Em             as sterile as their bones.


Repeat and jam




G  A  Em             as sterile as Jim Jones.