It Don't Pay to Play with Tom Delay
©2006 Garrett Clevenger

F      G   
It don't pay to play with Tom Delay. x2

D  G       Sugarland, Texas must be proud.
D  G       Their Representative's goin' down.
C  G       Bribes bought his votes many times
D  C  G   It's unethical if not a crime.

D  G       He took their doe and gave it to his friends
D  G       who won their elections 'cause of him.
C  G       These folks who are in power now
D  C  G   are corrupt too. They're also goin' down.


D  G       How many laws were voted on
D  G       by the Hammer's friends to benefit the ones
C  G       who gave the money in the first place.
D  C  G   That's not Democracy. That's a disgrace.

D  G       Lobbyists can still get away
D  G       with giving bribes even if Delay
C  G       resigns and is never seen again.
D  C  G   Let's send a message to Tom's friends.


D  G       Our leaders are obviously corrupt.
D  G       We've massive debt which one day will disrupt
C  G       our children's future left to deal with
D  C  G   a disrespected democractic government.