In The Streets

2016 Garrett Clevenger


D In the streets we all march. That's our right.

D Because we believe we need to fight

G D for decency and mutual respect

A D because that days long gone when they chose to elect

D Trumpigula who represents what's wrong

D with America. It won't last long.

G D We deserve more than an abusive man

A D who never learned empathy's what's grand.

G D You libtards just don't get it.

G D Trumpigula is great.

G D He'll fight hard for our country.

A D It's you traitors who are full of hate.

D An uncivil war's brewing between left and right.

D Families breakdown. They also fight.

G D Uncle Sam is hurting but he always is

A D and Trumpigula still's the richest pig.

D If our kids acted that way they'd be grounded for weeks.

D No one wants to deal with a rump that reeks.

G D You would take a shower and flush it down the drain.

A D We'd expect our children to use their higher brain.

G D There that singer goes again.

G D He thinks he's so great.

G D He can sing a song sayin', "Just get along.",

A D but we've got the guns and we also hate.

D In the streets they all march, beatin' each other down.

D High above the cameras love the sound.

G D The cosmic paparazzi, and they planned it that way.

A D Trumpigula's just doing what they say.

D It's like movie and this is their score.

D It might win an Oscar with all that great gore.

G D But there's competition from Andromeda.

A D The peeple on that planet hate Trumpigula.

G D It's an epic battle.

G D Their troops are the way.

G D It'll be us versus them.

A D Will the creatures on Earth unite and save the day?