I'm Still The Same, Just Different

2012 Garrett Clevenger



D    G  D   I'm not the same,        but I'm not different

D    A  D   then I was                   10 years ago

G    D       when I set my sight upon what I wanted then.

D    A  D   I'm still the same,       just different.


A  G  D                 I could have wrote this song when I was 31

A  G  D                 or even at 22,

G  A  F#m  G        but I didn't know the words   I was looking for.

Em  G A D            I was singing   a different tune.


jam through verse and chorus


A  G  D                 Somethings it seems   never change.

A  G  D                 Seasons come and go and come again.

G  A  F#m  G       Love's what keeps it all from being meaningless.

Em  G A D           The universal pull fills our chest.