©2008 Garrett Clevenger


Ab                         Ellis Island,                       the gateway from the East.

Ab                         Millions boarded   ships to find their dreams.

Db     C     Ab       Payin' every penny,          escapin' misery

Db D Eb  Ab        to move to a slum             in New York City.


Ab                         My great, great grandparents        made the move,

Ab                         but no one now remembers           what they went through.

Db     C     Ab       Sacrificin' so much,                       leavin' their homeland,

Db D Eb  Ab        hopin' the USA                             would enrich their hand.



Bm  D  Db  Ab       Immigration's              only natural

D  Eb  Ab               if you're from a land    that's terrible.

Bm  D  Db  Ab       I'd make my way        to the great ol' USA

D  Eb Db  Ab         if I were livin' in          a stricken place.


Ab                         Globalization                    I guess don't mean free trade

Ab                         If it did people would       not be forbade

Db     C     Ab       from crossin' borders        freely to find work

Db D Eb  Ab        in any country                  where jobs may lurk.


Ab                         With so many people       competing today

Ab                         It seems migration             is here to stay.

Db     C     Ab       Your new neighbors          may come from Mexico

Db D Eb  Ab        but no one's really native, you should know.