I'm Dreaming With You

2007 Garrett Clevenger


C I don't know what's more beautiful

C F you or our baby you hold,

C G the love I see in your eyes,

F C or the colors of perfect sunrise.


C Each day gets better, indeed,

C F with you and our baby.

C G When you both nod off to sleep,

F C I hope you are dreaming of me.



F C Maybe this is just a dream you are having of me.

F C Maybe this is just a dream I am having, too.

C G I'm dreaming with you.

G F I'm dreaming with you.

F C I'm dreaming with you.


C I'll try not to pinch you too hard.

C F My babies I don't want to jar.

C G They're so cute so sound asleep.

F C From me they won't hear a peep.


C Tomorrow is almost today,

C F then it becomes yesterday.

C G There is always tonight

F C and our baby who gives us delight.