If Love Can Feel This Way, I'd Hate To Know What Hate Can Do

2007 Garrett Clevenger


D Em F#m G Lady, lover, we once were there.

F#m Em G D I'm sorry the feelin' wouldn't bare.


D Em F#m G Lonely, in love and wantin' more,

F#m Em G D but we couldn't continue to increase the score.



G D A D If it's based on love we feel passin through,

G D A D and if love can feel this bad, I'd hate to know what hate can do.


D Em F#m G People are dyin', losin' their lives

F#m Em G D and the killin' continues while I'm still contrite.


D Em F#m G There is hatred. There is anger. There is pure revenge.

F#m Em G D Even though love waxes and wanes, it's still worth the chance.




D Em F#m G Passion and compassion, breathin' in our hearts,

F#m Em G D dance with the Devil whose hopin' we'll fall apart.


D Em F#m G We're only human, walkin' a fine line between animal and saint.

F#m Em G D Sometimes the line is blurry, an angel there just ain't.