I'm Crying

2001 Garrett Clevenger


A E I broke up with you, you didn't break me.

A E You fell from the sky, but I wouldn't see.

D E I hurt you so bad, I had to be free.

A E But now, I want to tell you, I'm crying.


He wanted you to spend the night.

You lay with he, so you'd feel alright.

How can I blame you, you need to be free?

But now, I need to tell you, I'm crying


You didn't come home, so you wouldn't see me.

I was left alone, in misery.

I missed you so bad, I couldn't be free.

So now, I got to tell you, I'm crying.


I hate what you did, but I forgive 'cause

I still Love you and I want to live.

We both feel so bad, the price to be free.

And now, I'm telling you, I'm crying.